Weight Loss Herbal Pills – Natural Weight lose Herbs

The most general problem, people today are suffering is overweight or obesity. This excessive weight gives rise to several other problems related to health. The gain in extra weight may result into chronic psychological disturbances, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, kidney problems and heart issues.

Important Causes of Weight Loss

The major reason to have excess weight is gathering of fats in body tissues. This happens due to imbalance in incoming and outgoing energy flow in the body. Other causes may be indolent lifestyle, laziness, excess sitting work style and neuro-endocrine.

Major Weight Loss Herbal Pills Provided by Planet Ayurveda

People suffering from overweight want to get rid of it. The herbs used in Ayurveda are chemical free, natural, pure extracts and side effects free. These pure herbal extracts are approved worldwide and retain the body energy balance. The “THINNER YOU PACK” provided by Planet Ayurveda is an amazing supplement to help in weight loss. The pack includes the following herb extracts:

1. Guggul Supplements – Guggul is an ancient herb used in many diseases because of its beneficial outcomes. It is extracted from a tree named Comiphora Mukul or Guggul. It’s a gum resin extract known as guggulosterones. It manages the fats metabolism accumulation in body tissues. It helps in melting mulish fats gathered around in the tissues of waist, thighs and abdomen. Not only this, it gives power to joints and nervous system.

Dose: daily 2 capsules twice, with water after meals.

2. Stholyantak Churna – It’s an admirable supplement, which is beneficial in weight loss. It burns the fats from the body naturally without causing any harm. The ingredients of the churna include the following herbs.

  • Mustak – It unblocks the channels blocked with fats.
  • Jamun – It manages the hunger and helps in weight loss.
  • Arjuna – It has cholesterol regulating attribute.
  • Vidang – It is useful in becoming free from fat.
  • Shingru – It has a fat-soluble vitamin to have a weight loss.
  • Kalmegh – It has outstanding blood cleansing aspect.
  • Triphala – It purifies and detoxifies total digestive system.
  • Brahmi – It suppresses the mind from over-eating habit.
  • Dalchini – It corrects the immune system and enhances blood circulation.
  • Babool –It is used to treat liver disorders, cancer and hunger suppressant.
  • Chitrak – It elevates body physiology and removes extra fats.
  • Ashok – It has pungent, cold potent and astringent features, which can reduce weight.
  • Agnimantha – It has diuretic assets, which give rise to the quantity and frequency of urination.

Dose: 1tbsp after meals with plain water/ apple juice/ kumari saar/ alovera juice, daily twice.

3. Garcinia Capsules – Garcinia has anti-obesity herbal quality. It has hydroxyl citric acid (HCA), which is a thriving medication to have weight loss. The herbal extract obtained is odorless, tasteless in nature. It’s a non toxic therapy for obesity. It is even effective in controlling cholesterol.

Dose: 1 to 2 capsules, with water after meals, daily twice.

4. Trim Support Capsules – This supplement increases the liveliness and energy in the body, which make a person active. It suppresses the appetite and sets free large amount of energy through natural herbs like

  • Katuki – It is a regular herb, which is found in colder regions of India. It is well known for curing chronic liver disorders and regulating secretion from gall bladder. It improves digestion and elevates metabolism in the body. This causes weight loss.
  • Mustak – It is a valuable herb helpful in any kind of digestive disorder. The herb is efficient for gastrointestinal disorders and several other diseases. It is used to eradicate added fats.
  • Triphala – According to the name, it’s a blend of three dehydrated herbal fruits. Haritaki, baheda and amla are the herbs used to make triphala. It mainatins proper digestion, improves cleansing, manages detoxification and increases metabolism in body tissues.
  • Bhumi Amla Vrikshamal – It has HCA aspect, which helps in hindering the food craving. It discourages fats accumulation.

Dose: 2 capsules with plain water after meals, daily twice.

Precautionary Measures

Eat raw fresh fruits, skimmed milk and light calorie meals. Elude excess oil/butter/ghee in food, fried food in snacks. Involve 10-12 glass of water per day in routine.

Take the Ayurvedic medicines of Planet Ayurveda with followed precautions, have natural weight loss and stay fit and healthy.



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