How to lose weight naturally with home remedies

If person is overweight that means he is carrying extra fat. Being overweight increases the risk of developing various health issues. Even a modest amount of weight loss can help to reduce your increased health risks. The best way to lose your body weight is to be committed to a change in life style with use of some herbal medicines. Eat a healthy diet, do walk and some exercises or physical activities. A person can find out whether he is obese or overweight or whether you are healthy, by calculating your body mass index and measuring your waist circumference. Being obese is not only an appearance issue but also a serious health problem. People with extra weight around the age of 40 have chances to reduce the life expectancy around about 4 to 7 years. Question, how to lose weight naturally is a rising rapidly and YES, we have the answer for it – Of course one can lose weight naturally with effective herbal weight loss pills and following balanced diet and proper life style.

What are the Health risks of being overweight or obese?

Obese person has the increased risk of developing various ailments. Person with extra weight can have, breathing problems, he may feel lack of energy and tiredness, joint and muscles pain, body aches, sleeping disturbances, skin irritation, snoring etc. person may feel lack of self confidence, isolation, low self esteem and inferiority complex etc.

High cholesterol or triglycerides
High blood pressure
Coronary heart disease
Stress, depression
Gall bladder stone
Fatty liver
Fertility problems
Sleep apnea

Extra fats get accumulated in the body when calories are burned less than the intake. A couple of pounds of extra body fat are not a healthy risk for most people, but when they take continuing more calories than they burn , more and more fat builds up in the body. Due to the diet pattern and life style changes, many people are becoming the victim of obesity and related issues these days than before. Almost one third of children is obese or overweight now a days.

Planet ayurveda’s treatment for obesity –

People are turning towards herbal remedies for different health issues including obesity where people hope to lose weight naturally. We at Planet Ayurveda present you all an effective Thinner you pack that contains Cap Trim formula, Cap. Garcinia, Cap. Guggul, Powder Stholyantak. All these natural remedies are made from the specific beneficial herbs or ayurvedic medicines which work wonderfully to cut off the extra body fat and lose weight naturally therefore keep you to stay fit as well as healthy.

Thinner You Pack –

1) Cap. Trim formula
2) Cap. Garcinia
3) Cap. Guggul
4) Stholyantak churna

 1) Trim Support formula : Trim formula is a combination of special herbs like Vrikshamal, Mustak, Katuki and Triphala which all together act very effectively for weight loss. This is a special formulation that clears the channels and flushes out extra fat out from the body. Though it is well enough to fight against obesity but for better and quicker results we have added other remedies also. It helps in cellulite and also removes fat from adipose tissues. Trim formula is best among all herbal weight loss pills.

 2) Garcinia Capsules : Garcinia is a fruit native to south india and south east asia. It is very effective and works really wonder to reduce the extra body fat. Standardized extract is rich in HCA and known very well these days for weight losing naturally. Rind of the fruit is used for the preparation and researchers have proven that garcinia is best among weight losing herbs.

3) Guggul Capsules : Resin obtained from the guggul tree is used for standardized extracts for weight losing. Guggul capsules are useful to reduce the weight from thighs, abdomen and other parts of the body. it is anti-inflammatory and analgesic also so treats various conditions. Guggul also removes bad cholesterol from the body and flush out extra fat out from the body due to its strong antioxidant.

 4) Stholyantak churna : A blend of many amazing herbs that are known for their actions and properties in ayurveda. These herbs works wonder in reducing extra fat from the body. Herbs included here are Agnimantha, Arjun, Triphala, Ashoka, Kalmegh, Neem etc. Triphala removes accumulation of undigested food out from the colon and avoid constipation. Other special herbs remove and cut off extra fat from different parts of the body to keep you fit and healthy. This is a wonderful remedy designed to lose weight naturally and it is recommended to have with other herbal weight losing remedies to lose weight quickly. This acts as an effective remedy to lose weight naturally.

Why only Planet Ayurveda’s products?
Our products are made from standardized extracts and are 100 percent natural. We do not believe in adding chemicals and preservatives and also don’t allow animal testing. Our products undergo quality and potency check and various tests are done so that purest and effective form of formulations reaches you.We believe that YOU HEALTH IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!

                                                       THINNER YOU PACK
   Garcinia Capsules         Guggul Capsules          Trim Support Stholyantak Churna
Garcinia Guggul Capsules Trim support stholyantaks
       1 Bottle       2 Bottle        1 Bottle         1 Bottle
                                                1 Month Supply = $ 154.00
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Product Dosage
    TRIM SUPPORT 2 Capsules Twice Daily After Meals
            GARCINIA                                       2 Capsules Twice Daily
  GUGGUL CAPSULES 1 Capsules twice daily
   STHOLYANTAK  CHURNA 1 tablespoon Twice daily can be consumed by mixing in water


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